solar led street lights and led bay lights manufacturers in india

solar led street lights and led bay lights manufacturers in india

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Nessa illumination technologies is a business of Led light like Solar light Product, Li-ion Products, AC Based Products.

Nessa illumination is a Leading company in led lights Product.It is Producing and marketing LED lights product like Solar LED Street lights,LED Bay Lights,LED Tubelights,Solar Powerpack etc.
Nessa product is use in many application such as Corporate , Industril ,Outdoor application.In outdoor application use as led street lights etc. 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Solar LED Street Lights & LED Bay Lights in India

Nessa illumination technologies have been one of the most prominent firms in the field of producing led bulbs and lights. The led lights offered by us are highly demanded in the market due to our high quality product supplied. The lights are been manufactured by extremely qualified proffesinals by using the best quality machines and latest technology. Nessa technologies are also recognised as the most prominent organisation that has been engaged supplying and manufacturing solar LED street lights. Some of the advantages of this product is that it does not emit UV radiations and attract any bugs or insects and is maintenance free as well as eco friendly. The various LED lights provided by us include LED high bay lights, LED street lights, solar LED street lights, solar LED flood lights and many more. 

LED high bay lights are mainly designed for lighting up the industrial areas as it helps to reduce the electricity consumption by 90% and increases the light emitting efficiency. We at Nessa illumination technology provide varied ranges of LED high bay lighting which are been applicable to places such warehouses, transportation, manufacturing and retail industries, cold storage and many more. The various LED lights offered by us include 30w LED flood lights, 60w LED flood lights, 220V AC LED high bay lights and many more.

LED street lights are the lights that have been a great substitute of vapour lights and bulbs due to its outstanding qualities and functional capabilities. LED Street light also referred to as led road lighting is used for lighting the streets. The main cause for this alternative switch is because of its excellent energy efficiency that it provides. The LED light can produce the same or more amount of light using the same power consumption as of normal light hence providing the benefit of saving electricity as well as money. Moreover the life of the LED street lights is up to 10-15 years that is 10 times more that of a normal light which troubleshoots the problem of replacement and repairs. The various led street lights are available to our customers according to their demands such as the 30w LED street lights, 60w LED Street light and many more.

Solar LED street lights are those lights that have their power generated from the sun hence saving huge amounts of energy. The solar Led street lights work on principle of photovoltaic panels that have a capacity to recharge its battery every time during the day and can be used during the nights without any electricity consumption by powering the LED lamp. The solar powered LED lights have a capability of staying lit in the night for many days even if the sun has not showed up. The solar panel acts as one of the important parts of the solar LED street light as the function of converting the solar energy into electricity id done by it. The many advantages of using solar LED street lights are that the street lights here require less maintenance and power consumption compared to HPS fixture lights, moreover the solar energy parts can be easily dismantled and be carried to the remotest parts. The various solar LED street lights supplied by us depend upon the customer needs and wants which are available in 30w solar LED Street light, 60w LED Street light and many more.

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